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Karzdaar Hunters Web Series Watch Online 2023

Karzdaar Hunters web series is an Indian language romance drama series, The Series Shyna Khatri in lead roles. This is a Hunters web series.

Karzdaar will be OTT Release on 7 January 2023, It is available on the official website and Hunters app to watch Online.

Karzdaar Web Series 

Genre:-Romance, Drama, 18+
Platform:- Hunters 
Streaming Date:-7 January 2023
Credit:-Hunters App


Made By:-Hunters Originals 
Hunters Main Cast:-Shyna Khatri
No. Of Season:- 1
No. Of Part:-1
No. Of Episode:-3

Karzdaar Web Series Story

The plot revolves around a village where a son tells his father that father Kashiram is neither depositing money nor paying interest for 6 months, in that amount his father says let’s calculate Kashiram today after which he goes to Kashiram’s house Kashiram’s daughter gives him water. The landlord of the village looks at his daughter and says that there is a custom in our village that one who does not give money has to get married and he gets his son married to Kashiram’s daughter. what is going to happen after this. Watch Karzdaar Web Series On Hunters App.

Karzdaar Web Series Cast

  1. Shyna Khatri

Actor/Actress Short Biography 

Shyna Khatri :- Shyna Khatri is an Indian Actress and Model, she was born on 7 December 1995 in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Shyna is mainly known for acting in the Hindi web series “Pehredaar”.


Watch Online Karzdaar Trailer/Teaser Video On Official Hunters YouTube Channel. 

Karzdaar Web Series Release Date 

The Karzdaar Web Series was released on 7 January 2023 on the official website and Hunters app. 

Watch Karzdaar Web Series On Hunters

You need to follow the following steps:

  1. Open Play Store or App Store and Website On Your Phone
  2. Click the Search Bar Now Type Hunters App then Complete Your Download 
  3. Open Hunters App Create Your I’d On Hunters App
  4. Subscribe to Hunters App
  5. Now Access Any Hunters Web Series On Your Region Languages 

Karzdaar Web Series Review 

Sonu Panchal: The web series has become so popular that it is seen by new people every day and in view of this action, new platforms are becoming available in the market on which the web series can be seen, recently another new OTT platform has been released. Whose name has been Hunter App, it is also like the rest of the OTT platform, but it is new in the market and let’s see what kind of web series they make. Are people going to like this web series only after its release? It is going to be known that how much this web series is going to be liked by the audience, rest of the actresses in this web series are seen in the role of Shyna Khatri. It seems that because of these actors this web series I am going to be in the moon, the rest of this app is very new, due to which there is no audience on it and the trust is less, now it is going to be known only after the release that how much this web-series is going to run. to be released on 7 January 2022.

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