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Hello everyone you are welcome on our website and I am the owner of this website, Sonu and I will keep you all entertained with daily posts on this website, 

on this website you will get updates of all upcoming movies, here you will get Bollywood movie updates South Movie Updates Telugu Movie Updates Tamil Movie Updates All Kinds Of Movie Updates You will find here.

Today I am going to tell you a few things about myself, I am going to tell you how I started blogging.

From 2018, I started watching blogging videos, and by looking at my videos I also thought that I should do it, from the very beginning, I felt that money can be made online.

At the same time, I found a YouTube channel called Techno Vedanta and blogging was new to me at that time. 

So I was learning a few things by watching the video of techno Vedanta sir, when I thought that I should also blow and I started my login. But I had absolutely no money to do blogging when I saw a video by Techno Vedanta sir in which he said that you can do blogging absolutely free on Blogger.

And I made my website on Blogger. Then I did not know anything about the keyword idea, what was the name of the website, I did not know at all, then I selected a website like that which was absolutely unique, then I created a website for the first time, I named it (BUM BOLLYWOOD) now. Friends, I did not create a website, but since then problems have started here.

Actually the website that I made was absolutely free blogspot.com which is a Google platform as you all know blogspot.com does not rank so much and there was no traffic on my website at all. Then I thought that purchasing a domain will not get any benefit until you invest. Then I thought that after purchasing a domino, I searched this domain on Godaddy and I found this domain because this domain was absolutely unique, now man, there was a payment online, at that time I had a debit credit card. Otherwise I bought this domain with the help of my friend.

Then I worked hard for 1 month continuously and I was rejected as I applied for Adsense because I did not have that much knowledge about the website, due to which my website was being rejected again and again. Let me tell everyone, my website has been rejected 31 times and why it happened I share it with all of you. Actually when I bought the domain at that time, Coronavirus was happening in India and due to Coronavirus Google's employees Unable to review the website, due to which he was repeatedly rejecting my website as soon as the sequence of coronavirus ended a bit.

Similarly, in December of 2020, I put my website up for morning review. And the very next day at 5:00 am I get an email saying that your website has been approved and you can add an Adsense end to your website.

Now I took Adsense ads at all and at that time I could not understand whether to apply Autoadd or Manual ads, then I saw a video that was being told that you have got a completely new Fresh Adsense Approval. You use Auto Add. So I put an auto add. I put an ad but now the thing was that my morning was not happening at all, my first morning was the same, it was 0.04 $, now there was absolutely no traffic on my website, almost there was traffic on my website One and a half thousand was coming and there was absolutely no earning from the auto add, then I put both auto and manual ads, so my earning which is a bit increased. I started getting 1 $ to $ 2 a day.

And I had also compiled my $ 10, now this started trouble because now I have come to identity verification in this Adsense and I could not understand how to do this, then I did a little research on YouTube.‌ Then I came to know that you can do this with a PAN card as well, only then I completed identity verification with my PAN card.

After this, friends, the next process was to get Adsense PIN and verify Adsense, but I could not understand where to get Adsense PIN because friends I lived in my rented house and the address in my Aadhaar card was something else. Was and the address where I lived was something else. So this was also a big problem for me but I saw some videos on YouTube in which I came to know that you can get your Adsense PIN anywhere, only then I got my Adsense Peen and I have my Adsense PIN which I have for 19 days Came in and verified my adsense pin

So friends, what was the story of my blogging - what made me trouble and how I struggled with these problems and I solved it