Patra Petika Ullu Web Series | Cast, Release Date Review Actress

Patra Petika Ullu Web Series This is an Indian Web Series, this web series will be released by Ullu This web series will be released in other languages ​​along with Hindi language on March 25th, this is a romantic movie plus Patra Petika Web Series. You can watch Patra Petika Web Series Ullu Application and Patra Petika Web Series on Ullu’s official website.

A great Patra Petika of Ullu, Web Series has come again. Yes, today I am going to tell you about another funny web series of Ullu.

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Patra Petika is an Indian web series by Ullu. The release date of the Hindi language web series is 25th March 2022. It is available to watch online on Ullu website and official app.

You will be glad to see this. If we talk about acting, then all the actors of this web series have done a great job. This web series will be released in 2022 on Ullu application.

The trailer of the web series has created panic on YouTube, people are very much liking the trailer of this web series.

Patra Petika Web Series Details

Series Name:Patra Petika
Type:Web Series
Ott Video PlatformUllu
Release Date25 March 2022.

Patra Petika Web Series Cast

Rinku Ghosh 

Prajak Tadusane

Patra Petika Ullu Release Date

25th March 2022


This is going to be seen in the story of Patra Petika Looking at the trailer, Har taraf gunj rahi thi siskiyon ki aawaz, mann mein toofan tha, magar zaban pe nahi the alfaz, chehre pe hamare aai thi raunak jab deedar hua unka, bujhi naino ki pyas. This will be shown in the story of this web series, will he be able to have a relationship with her and will her life story continue like this. All you have to do is download this application on your phone, then after that you have to take membership of this application. During this time you can easily watch any Ullu web series by taking membership.

Patra Petika Web Series Review 

Talking about the review of this web series, then let me tell you when this web series will be released, in fact this web series is going to be released in the year 2025 in the month of March on 25th March and this web series is only for more  Releasing only on Ullu Application

If you do not know about Ullu application, then let me tell you a little bit about it. Actually Ullu application is a very popular web series platform which is available on play store, 251plus web series crime web series is available on the application. You can easily watch any web series by taking its membership.

If you want to watch this web series, then you have to download this application from the play store, after downloading you have to open it on your mobile, after opening you have to take its membership.

Only after this you will be able to watch this web series, nowadays everyone likes to watch web series because web series are very short and they are very interesting and this part comes Part 2 Part which people like to watch very much.

Patra Petika Web Series Watch Online

There are some big sites on the internet, with the help of which you can watch Patra Petika Web Series online and also you can download this web series with the help of this website but avoid it and go to the official website.

You can download this Patra Petika Web Series on Official Application Ullu Watch Patra Petika All Episodes. Avoid using torrent websites and Telegram to download the latest Patra Petika web series.

Q. Patra Petika Web Series Release Date?

Ans. 25th March 2022

Q. How to Watch Online Patra Petika Web Series on Ullu App?

Ans. Download Ullu App from Playstore. Take a subscription of the Ullu App and enjoy the web series.